Parent Information

Camp Drop Off & Pick Up Information

Drop off’s for each session will be on the Sunday of camp week, in the order listed below:

  • 4:00-4:30pm if your last name begins with A-F
  • 4:30-5:00pm if your last name begins with G-N
  • 5:00-5:30pm if your last name begins with O-Z

– It is very important that you arrive no earlier or later than your specified time. Times are staggered to help with parking and line issues.

– Please have the following completed and ready to hand in at camp drop-off: Health History form, Medication Permission form, Waiver form, and Code of Conduct/Anti-Bullying form. All of these forms can be downloaded here.

Pick up time: 3:00pm – Friday of Camp Week

Health & Safety

Health and safety are our top priorities at Camp Cormorant. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all campers.

Severe Weather
Camp Cormorant has weather radios and access to weather radars. If severe storms are approaching, campers and staff will be moved to the Director’s Cabin for safety. We will try to update the camp website and Facebook page with any and all information regarding storms.

Water Safety
All campers are required to take a swim test every session of camp. The test will determine their level of water skills and what areas and activities they are allowed to participate in. We also use the buddy system, in which campers are paired with someone of the same level. They are REQUIRED to wear life jackets when on the water trampoline and all boating activities, including kayak, canoes, paddle boat, and banana boat.

There are is always a lifeguard on duty when the water front is open.

Health History
All campers are required to submit a Health History form completed by a parent or guardian annually. This is also a great opportunity to help staff ensure your child enjoys the best experience at camp. A medical exam is NOT required to attend camp but is strongly encouraged. Not all clinics will fax out this information, so please request it in advance. Health History forms can be downloaded here.

The medication permission form needs to be filled out completely and mailed or brought in at the time of drop off. All prescription medications must be in the original bottles with all information clearly displayed.  They will be kept in a locked cabinet in the nurse’s office and will be administered on schedule by the camp nurse. Medication permission forms can be downloaded here.

Other non-prescription medications and ointments may be available at camp for your child’s use, however, the medication permission form must also be filled out and indicated which items are approved for use. The camp nurse will administer these to your child as well.

Injuries and Illness
If your child becomes ill or injured while at camp, we will notify you as soon as possible.  Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, we may transport, or have them emergency transported to the hospital.  When you register your child for camp, you are giving us permission for emergency medical and dental care for your child at your expense.  Care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve life, limb, or the well-being of your child.  You will give the YMCA permission to transport your child at your expense as necessary in the case of emergency.

We do not contact parents if the child is homesick.  We have strategies in place to help the children and this is a normal part of a camp experience for some children.  We will contact you if the situation becomes extreme.

Transportation & Other

Transportation is provided by the family of the camper. We do not provide any transportation to or from camp. For special arrangements or if a camper will be picked up by another campers parents, etc. please call 218.532.2570.

Drop Off Times:
All camp drop off times are 4:00-5:30pm on Sundays.

Pick Up Times:
Fridays, 3 – 4pm
Please arrive no earlier or later than the times listed above. If you need special arrangements please call the camp at 281.532.2570.

Campers need energy to be active at camp so nutritious and yummy meals are provided by the camp cooks. A wide variety of food types are provided throughout the week that are sure to please any child. All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and served in the dining hall. A salad bar is available with lunch and supper. The food portions are ample and seconds are usually available.

We recommend the campers do not bring any food with them to camp. There is a camp store with snacks and beverages that campers are allowed to purchase daily.

Home Sickness
Staff make a concentrated effort to help campers overcome homesickness by helping them learn to accept the natural feeling of missing family and friends. We keep our campers busy and try to interest them in new and fun activities. The camp coordinator will contact you if staff needs assistance in dealing with the most difficult cases. If the decision is made to go home early, no refund is provided.
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Send a package
Camp care packages are welcome and a good way to make a camper fell comfortable at camp.  Every camper loves to get mail. Campers love sending letters home as well. Sending pre-addressed stamped envelopes are very helpful to campers. We do sell stamps at the camp store. If your child is registered for mini-camp, you can bring your mail to check in and we will disperse it on a daily basis.

Please keep all letters upbeat and stay away from topics that may cause your camper stress or anxiety.  Mailing a letter or package before the start of your camper’s session will ensure that they will receive it while they are at camp.  Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced packages due to the nature of camp life.

Send mail to:
YMCA Camp Cormorant
14563 YMCA Lane
Lake Park, MN 56554
Attn: Your child’s full name and cabin number.