My child wants to room with a specific friend that is attending the same week of camp. Can he or she do so, and how do I note this special request?
On the camp registration form there is a spot to note this. Campers must be of the same gender and within two years of age. They can be attending different camp programs (ex: Horsemanship camp and Ropes camp). If a friend joins after you have registered, call 701.293.9622 and we make sure your request is noted. We try to meet all requests, however this will depend on availability.

This is my child’s first year of camp. I am unsure if he or she is ready to attend an overnight camp.
Kids themselves know best when they are ready for camp. Have a conversation with your child his or her interests and personality. Identify camp programs that are a good match. Together, explore the camp options, and review the camp brochures, website, and day-to-day activities. Learning about the camp experience ahead of time allows you to create positive expectations.  Many children, once at camp, forge fast friendships and grow in confidence and courage during their time here.

I can not pick up my child during pick up times. How can I arrange a different time or person?
You will need to notify the camp coordinator of any changes in pick up time or who will be picking up your child. Please call 701.367.6582 or leave a message at 218.532.2570.

Where do we go when we arrive at camp?
Camp Staff will direct you to the parking areas.  Once you are parked stop by the welcome shelter to check in, get your cabin assignment, confirm paperwork, check over any health related material and make payment if have not yet (cash or check only).  Then you can take your campers to their cabin to get them settled for the week and meet their cabin counselors.  Once your campers is settled in the cabin leave them with the counselors and you are free to leave.  Parents can take a tour of the camp at this time, but we ask that all parents depart camp by 6pm so we can begin the camp session.

What if I need to change or cancel a session?
You may change to another camp session if there is room in the session you wish to change to.  If you need to cancel, we encourage you to choose another camp session and we can switch the camper to that session if there is room available. No refunds are given for cancellations received within 14 days of the registered camp session. (All deposits are non-refundable.) Please contact Dee at 701.367.4130 or dee.jones@ymcacassclay.org to change your session.

Do you apply refunds if my child becomes ill or home sick?
We do not apply any refunds for illness or any other reasons beyond our control, like weather.

What about if it rains all week?
If it rains all week, the kids still have lots of fun in the rain! We will continue with our program as normal.  If there is thunder or lightning we will bring the campers into a secure building to play games until the storm has past.  Rainy days usually end with a large muddy game so be sure to send some old clothes.

Can I call or visit my child during camp time?
You can tour camp and meet staff when you drop your child off. However, we encourage no phone calls or visitors while camp is in session. This is a great time for you child to grow, meet new friends and experience camp life to its fullest.

Is there a religious emphasis at camp?
Christian devotions may happen at rest time and grace is said at every meal. Your child can choose not to participate in the religious aspects of camp, however, it will be present at camp.

Do you offer programs for children with special needs?
The YMCA strives to reach and serve all children and give them the opportunity to grow and thrive. We may be able to accommodate those with emotional needs, however, our physical setting of hilly country and rocky areas makes it difficult to serve campers with certain physical limitations. Please call 701.367.6582 to discuss the particular care your camper will require before submitting your registration.

Does the camp offer laundry services?
We do not offer laundry services to campers, so please make sure to pack enough clothes for all types of weather conditions. If clothing does become wet or muddy, we will hang it out to dry and it will be sent home in a plastic bag.  If a child has an accident on their bedding it will be taken care of discreetly.

What is the Camp Store account?
The camp store account is a way to have money to purchase items at our camp store like drinks, snacks, clothing, and other souvenirs without having to carry it around or worry about it getting lost. Parents can add money to the campers account at drop off and registration. *Cash or check payments only when at camp location.